Monday, February 21, 2011

Purple Wire Crochet Bracelet

Wire crocheted bracelet using 28 gauge purple coated copper wire, magatama drop beads and seed beads, rectangular wavy toggle clasp. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Switching out the colors totally changes the look of the piece. This is the same technique as the crocheted Charoite bracelet.
Approximately 7.5".

Wire Crochet Bracelet with Purple Charoite

Crocheting with wire is a new technique for me. I am really enjoying the creative process of putting together the beads and watching the crochet come together. The marquis stones are Charoite. A natural stone found in only one part of Siberia. The 26 gauge silver coated copper wire also had Japanese magatama drops and seed beads, a foldover magnetic clasp. The bracelet measures approximately 7.25".