Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bracelet Collection

A few examples of some bracelets from my current collection. The first photo shows stitched designs; peyote, herringbone, right angle weave and ladder. They incorporate some vintage German seed beads, glass tubes, metal cubes, fancy jasper and more. Each bracelet is unique and easy to wear; flexible, light weight, versatile.
The second photo shows examples of Mother's bracelets ~ which can be customized with your child(ren)'s names and birthstones; recycled glass cubes, jasper, Swarovski crystals and aquamarine, and the Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet I designed for my friend Roseann when she was diagnosed. She is an inspiration in the true meaning of the word and a living testimony to what a positive outlook can do for your health and inner well-being.

Light Coral Kumihimo Bracelet

This Kumihimo bracelet surprised me. I started out with light yellow ceylon size 11 seed beads and strung them on dark coral waxed cotton thread. The yellow absorbed the coral and the result is a beautiful light coral bracelet.
Sterling silver end caps and lobster clasp finish this dainty, flexible bracelet. Much less chunky than the silver
lined clear or lavender Kumihimo bracelets.
Choose your color combination and this design could be yours!

Puple Kumihimo Bracelet

In this Kumihimo bracelet I used size 6 Lilac Ceylon seed beads, silver plate end caps and swivel silver plate lobster clasp on puple waxed cotton thread. The design is supple, yet substantial.
Any combination of seed beads and thread can be used to customize the look. Have a favorite color or outfit? This could be the look for you!

Silver Lined Kumihimo Bracelet

Kumihimo (koo-mi-hee'-mo) is an ancient braiding technique using 8 strands of fiber. The strands are braided using a round disk with slots around the outside, for holding the fiber, and a hole in the middle where the braid drops down. Although the Japanese are credited with this technique, the Peruvians also used this type of braiding. The Japanese utilized the style for decorative purposes; belts and sashes on saris. The Peruvians had a much more utilitarian use; straps for the llamas to hold their bundles on and for handles on water buckets, etc.
I used size 6 silver lined clear Japanese seed beads and white waxed cotton thread for this design with sterling silver end caps and silver plated lobster clasp. The bracelet measures approx. 7.25"