Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School!

Yup, it's the first day of school here. Older child's bus was 5 minutes early and barely slowed down. Had to run her over to a friend's house to catch it. I presume she made it to school ok. The next bus was 10 minutes late. That created a bit of concern for the younger one. "What if they forgot me?" The bus arrived and I didn't see any tears, although there was a deer in the headlights expression.
I didn't cry. today. I cried last night. Back to the school routine. Ah, the passage of time!

Bead Fest Philadelphia

My first time attending a national bead show. 'Sensory overload' puts it mildly. My dear friend and I went to Philly last week to Bead Fest. Last year I talked her into entering a bead contest called "The Beaded Book". Anything to do with a book ~ bead a book, bead a character from a book, make up your own beaded book. She beaded a marvelous Moby Dick, "Whale Rising" and won an honorable mention! I am so proud of her. He will eventually be on display at the Chester Library. I'll let you know when that happens. He has to travel to Portland, OR for the next Bead Fest show and then, hopefully, return to CT.

I wish I had taken a photo of the convention floors. Yes, there were 2 full floors of bead vendors in every size, shape, color and configuration. We took a class while there and I can't wait to play with this (new to me) technique. I'm going to leave you in suspense until I post a photo...

My next task to clean up my beading area so I'll have room for projects and be able to put all the lovely beads I purchased at the show into some beautiful pieces. Stay tuned~